Friday, June 18

Godddd help !!!!!!!!!

At times i wonder luck is the most important factor in one's professional life. And this realization always happens after i meet my SVP. He is working for the company for past 30+ years now and has plethora of experience when it comes to Operations. He started his career with Operations and by sheer stroke of luck  was appointed to lead the division that is involved in highly analytical work. {Who in the hell decided to place him in such a position, really want to kick his/her butt}. He does not even have a remote idea of the work that we do and to make the matters worse he wants to apply rules from Ops to this field.

What would happen if consultants at Mckinsey started measuring their performance in terms of accuracy and timelines? Does one measure the impact of knowledge services in terms of these bloody factors? Yes they can be a small part of overall performance metrics but who is going to measure the overall IMPACT of the work? What difference did the project made to profitability or share-holder value etc....this question does not even comes to the mind of our smart SVP.

I feel that our SVP is trying to make Ferrari in Suzuki's factory -- god knows what will happen. Attrition rate that was below 10% has shot up to 35% since the time this highly intelligent creature has started leading our group..Quantity has started over-shadowing quality...God help!!!!


SiD... said...

what to do... there is that cardinal rule that says, "Boss is always right"..

Kapil said...

Best way to keep your cool.

Been following you for a while. Buddy , since you have mentioned that you have some material available for the gmat prep. Then a simple request , will you be able to share it with me.
Thanks in advance.

KT said...

@Sid -- agree :)

@Kapil -- pls drop in ur mail id ..n i will share the material

Raj said...

Good luck man, the bestway to deal with such people is to ignore them!
I know its easier said than done:
'Dont overreact to troublemakers'

Been there..done that mate.
Just dont wanna be there again. :)

vivek said...

Hi..Ive been kinda skimming thru ur posts for sometime now.Pretty gud work ,must say.I've been planning to attempt GMAT for quite some time now.If possible could u plz guide me as to how to start about the prep(Materials,estimated time to prep.. etc), as some terms used in ur GMAT post were jargon s 2 me :) .My mail