Wednesday, June 13

Live life king size!!

I would just like to share something which recently occupied my mind for most of the time:

I can make attrition models to stop the attrition of customers from a client’s portfolio while I can’t stop the attrition of joy, satisfaction and health from my own life.
I can be too involved in predicting which guys can go delinquent while my own health is about to file bankruptcy.
I can spend nights after nights doing survival analysis for insurance companies but I can’t figure out which things are essential for my “Healthy Survival”,
I don’t want to be too much engrossed customizing a client’s IVR (Interactive Voice response unit) according to the needs of his customers while I can’t customize my life according to my friends/loved ones/kids/spouse/my parents.
Be yourself, live your OWN LIFE, don’t get too much influenced by other people’s life. Don’t be jealous(and If you succeed then let me know how J), sometimes you will be way ahead; sometimes you will be way behind. It’s a long race and in the end it’s going to be with yourself only.
don’t strive for a big bungalow or villa if you have decided to spent most of your time in the office
don’t run after luxurious cars if they are going to be parked in your office parking for most of the time, instead buy a small car and have time to go on a drive with your parents/someone you love/friends,
don’t join an expensive health club if you are never going to go there,
You are juggling your career, health, relations, status and money in a circus called life. Be very sure which balls you want to handle carefully; relations and health are made of glass once dropped they will be shattered while career and money are like tennis ball and they can bounce back again. --- ex president of coca cola is of this particular view
few years from now you won’t regret about certain badly written codes/ badly made presentations/bad Ratings/missed Promotions but you will surely miss the time which you COULD HAVE spent with your parents/kids/spouse/lover, your youth , your health, the bachelor nights spent at some club with your friends
Don’t run In a vicious circle which says.. earn lots of money and world will call you successful and that success will give you the joy, try the other way round, do what you love to do, gain joy…success will surely follow and then money and fame will be all yours.

One should work for a living and not live for working.

“a ship is safe in the harbor but that’s not what ships are meant for” …start the journey called life and explore all that you can in a single lifetime…