Friday, January 2

Humbled by a "Special" guy

I was getting late for my flight and rushed to the lift. As if the lift wasn't descending slowly enough it stopped on the 9th floor. An aged lady entered the lift and stopped the doors from closing. She was waiting for someone. I started getting restless and didn't say anything for 30 seconds or so but then i couldn't resist

'can you please let the doors close, i am getting late'. i was stern (not rude)

'I am waiting for my son' she replied while peeping out of the lift and blocking the door sensors

I cursed her son for taking so long and wasting my "precious" time. If not for the heavy luggage, i would have taken stairs or the other lift.

Few minutes of wait later, that lady's husband and son (who was in his 30s) entered the lift. The old man clutched his son's elbow and the son limped into the lift. The son smiled at her mom for holding the lift and the lady smiled back and affectionately ruffled his hair

This guy was in his thirties but behaved like a 10 ten year old. He had a limp and a spoke with a slur

'hello, i am karan' he slurred and clasped my hand gently between his hands

He was "special", and I immediately felt a chill down my spine. I was choked and immensely embarrassed for my behavior. Karan didn't let go off my hand till we reached the ground floor and kept on passing that infectious smile.

"bye and have a wonderful day" he slurred again smilingly. I was choked but i smiled back and wished him a good day. I held my emotions else a stream of tears would have erupted from my eyes

His parents held his one hand each and escorted him to the car.  I was so moved that i could not move out of the lift. God has blessed me with everything that a man could aspire for and yet i keep on cribbing every now and then. Here was a "special" guy who lived with a zeal, who held people's hands and touched their souls...

Karan - you indeed are special!! Thank you for touching my soul. May god bless you and grant me the wisdom..