Wednesday, November 25

G day is approaching

As i wrote the subject of this post my heart started pounding, i could actually feel it. Finally i will be going on a date with miss G...i have done all that i could have to know more about her...have fancied about luring her and have gone on few mock dates {courtsey, GMATprep and MGMAT}.

Have to start getting up early becaus right now i sleep late and get up very very late {need to pay heed to early to bed early to rise makes braveheart healthy wealthy and wise}. I want to be fresh and energetic when i would encounter miss G...i hope i wont have to date her again {god pls give me a gud score... }..quite funny...a guy not wanting to date .... but thats how i am....i would want this date to be a one time affair and would really want to come out in flying colors...

will share my result with all you ppl... would close this post with Survivor's "eye of the tiger"

It's the eye of the tiger, it's the cream of the fight
Risin' up to the challenge of our rival
And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night
And he's watchin' us all in the eye of the tiger

Monday, November 9

Hitting the Gym !!!

Started going to gym after a long break. Stamina is gone and so is the strength. {GMAT prep is similar to working out, only difference being the type of muscles being trained. In gym you sculpt your body and in GMAT prep you work out the grey matter between your ears.}

Stretching followed by some cardio, steam and shower..No weight training else my back might go stiff again. Neck has still not improved but have to stretch it daily 2-3 times.

overall, it felt good to be back in the gym and i will try to consistently hit the gym from now on....

Sunday, November 1

Manhattan GMAT :'(

After a long time gave one MGMAT. Didn't write the essays {my bad} and screwed up quant. I always used to think that quant is my strong point but this CAT opened my eyes. I was short of time in the end and made hell lot of mistakes. I had to make blind guesses on 6 questions and what i would call intelligent guesses on as many as 5 questions. So, you see 1/3 of quant section was done by guessing :).

I made 14 mistakes in quant {almost all of my guesses were wrong} and 13 mistakes in verbal. The incorrigible optimist in me tries to assuage my pain by saying that "my performance is balanced", i made almost equal number of mistakes in both sections.


Need to start writing the AWA,

Improvement in SC and CR but performance has declined in RC {haven't practised RC for past many weeks so i was expecting a dip here},
Made atleast 3 careless mistakes {didn't even read the question properly}
Poor time management


Good thing is -- DS has improved,
Bad thing is -- PS has taken a hit {am an engineer and any engineer would laugh at me if i share my quant score with him/her }
* Poor time management
* Was not able to apply the fundamentals
* Calculation mistakes
* to add to all this i made atleast 3 careless mistakes{didn't even read the question properly}

The target is to bring the no. of mistakes down to a maximum of 4 or 5 in each section. I need to get my fundae right in "inequalities", "number properties" and "set theory". Also, will have to start practising RC.