Sunday, August 14

Heading for disaster again...

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

After last year's app debacle i didn't want to repeat the same  mistakes. (I should pay heed to advice given by Einstein the great) Last year by this time, i had not only written but also re-written my essays a 20 times and had them proof read by current students and alums. (And yes they all kicked my butt harder than zidane kicked the football.) I was talking relentlessly to students, alums and taking notes. I was going through school websites and attending college info-sessions. But what i didn't do was INTROSPECTION. To make the maters worse, i only applied to 3 schools and that too in top 10.

At the begining of this app season, i was determined to get into a b-school. So, abiding by mr. Einstein's wisdom i didn't write my essays 20 times..oops i haven't even written them even once this year. I am browsing gaming and social networking sites instead of b-school websites. I am going to parties rather than attending school info-sessions. But i am INTROSPECTING...and yes i have discovered a lot about myself..But due to personal reasons my target schools have changed drastically..

Introspection has helped me a lot but i haven't written a single word on MS Word till now. I have to shortlist my recommendors and share my stories with them (last year i had already done so).

Sir Einstein (was he knighted?? who cares) - i followed your advice and overhauled my approach but i think i am again headed towards a disaster...(please need to jump out of your grave and strangulate me...i know i am the culprit) ...