Sunday, December 30

Wishlist Wednesday number 3 ..

Was browsing through Preeti Shenoy's blog and found this contest. The prompt (The one thing that I wish everyone would learn is...) persuaded me to write a post on this long dead blog..

The one thing that i wish everyone would learn is "the way to figure out one's true calling/passion". 

Soon, I am going to be on the other side of 30 but I still don't have an identity? For, a man can't just be defined by a name, address or occupation. Tendulkar is defined by his passion for batting and Lata mangeshkar by her passion for singing. I wish everyone would learn the art of figuring out his/her sweet spot, enabling the person to live a meaningful life. 

I have tasted professional success, and have a healthy body, lovely friends and a family to die for. But, if i don't play Table Tenis i feel as if something is missing. I often experience "trance" while playing table tennis and boy what a feeling it is. It's meditative and i am always left wanting for more. I rise above the trivialities of success and failure, get rid of all the negative emotions: jealousy, anger, lust et al and feel so complete. I may not be the best TT player but i am the happiest guy when i play the game. 

I truly believe that once people figure out their true calling, world would be a better place to live. The negative emotions would take a back seat and people would be so full of joy. 
But right from childhood we are taught how to make a living and not how to make a life (i know its a cliched saying). Peer pressure and parental influence often pushes us into the rat race and most of us die being part of it. We start believing that having money and fame will make us successful and this success will bring joy. And, in pursuit of success we do things that make sense to our mind but don't touch our heart. We often become indifferent or start embracing negative emotions and lead a life that seems shallow. (A successful life might not seem shallow through the lens called society but we ourselves might not find it meaningful)

However, if we start following our heart, then every moment we will be doing something that makes us feel joyous. And this feeling of joy puts us on a path of excellence, enabling us to lead a meaningful life. 

Thursday, April 5

MBA Admissions - Do you need a Consultant or a Mentor??

During R1 applications, I reached out to Yael, who is an MBA from NYU Stern. She has worked with one of the top i-banks and then she quit her job to be a part of NYU Stern's admissions team. I have already written a post on Yael's MBA consulting oops "MENTORING" venture - Admit1mba. But that was when i had only briefly interacted with her. Now, after working with her on my apps (Chicago and INSEAD) and getting to know her better i can say with even greater confidence that Yael is one of the best MBA mentors out there. I might not have made the final cut, but that's due to my own choices and decisions (not to pursue an MBA from a college outside top5, not to apply to more than 2 colleges etc etc).
Most importantly, lengthy discussions with Yael often bought me closer to myself. More than an MBA journey it became a journey of self realization. Time and again i have said on this blog that i spent close to 3 years on MBA apps (GMAT, School research, app, re-app) and to no avail. But the journey has made me a much better and confident person. I believe that i was lucky to work with someone like Yael and with bloggers such as "Forrest Gump", who boosted my confidence, questioned my assumptions and helped me move to the next orbit. The chief reason is that Yael and Gump are not consultants, they are mentors and friends.

Yael has just made a video where she shares the shit admissions consultants say, watch out before you head out to one. And if you really want to get help then seek a "mentor" (you know who i am talking about) ..

All da best

p.s - my keyboard is not working properly, pls mind the spelling mistakes :)

Sunday, February 19


I keep on getting emails on the id linked to this blog, seeking help for GMAT prep and Essay writing. Though i won't mind helping people out but i hardly log in to that e-mail id. After getting dinged by INSEAD i had an i/v invite from Booth for 2nd time in a row but i decided not to go for it. I think i lacked the motivation and self confidence. I think i am going to keep this blog as it is because it has some good articles on GMAT prep and essay writing. But going forward i don't think i will be able to keep this blog alive... it was a wonderful journey with all the fellow bloggers and readers... :)..

Love to all...