Monday, December 25

I was a little more than useless

i am so useful, of course, i am as i earn bread for myself, i can purchase and wear expensive "useful" clothes, i have rented a big "useful" apartment ( where i hardly spend anytime), i have a useful car(on which i hardly go on drives), i have a useful mobile(which i hardly use to call up my old pals). i am an adult now and my life is full of so many useful experiences that i can give useful advices to useless kids. i too was a useless kid once but i changed. i guess we all change

gone re the useless days when i was a useless kid. my life was so useless then. living with my parents (by god's grace they were not useless parents.) who loved me so much. gone re the useless days when i was so carefree, when i was wasting so much time with my useless friends, when i was waking up uselessly everyday to live my useless days.

gone re the useless days when i was a useless kid. i laughed uselessly, i played uselessly, i ate uselessly, i slept uselessly, i was happy in my useless clothes, my useless bicycle, my useless friends, my useless toffees, my useless ice candies, useless homework, useless classes, useless punishments, useless scoldings, useless birthday celebrations. wow life was so damn useless then.
gone re the useless advices given by my parents, my uncles and my aunts which were supposed to convert my useless life into a rich, meaningful and useful life(and it has turned out to be).

when i was a useless kid i had some useless dreams but i was not supposed to live em. for dreams don't help us in making a living!! i wanted to "live" but i have ended up pretending to live. all thanks to the useful education that i got from my useful schools and colleges.i got all the useful gyan as to how to make a living but in the process i forgot to learn "how to make a life?".

given a chance i would like to go back because i think childhood was not so useless. it was a little more than useless for i still relish those memories. i am alive in the present but i am living in the past.

kindly ignore the useless gramatical/spelling mistakes.