Monday, June 7

Rajneeti - Review

Watched Rajneeti with Miss S and friends this Saturday. So, here i am to review the movie and this time i would try to incorporate suggestions of dear friend Sid.

Plot -- The plot of Rajneeti is inspired by Mahabharat and in parts by Godfather. The first half is gripping and fast paced. A lot of characters are introduced and audience is introduced to their respective thoughts on politics.Post interval director has failed to maintain the pace. Editing is poor and last quarter is heavily inspired by Mahabharat. I would give 2/5 to Rajneeti for its plot. It has got nothing new and later half is painful.

Cast-- Rajneeti has got a powerful star cast. Naseeruddin Shah is wasted {he plays a cameo}. Manoj Vajpayee is awesome and has played the character to perfection. Nana patekar and Ajay Devgan haven't got much to do but have played their parts well. Katirna kaif looks beautiful but her acting is below par. Ranbeer Kapoor has got the best role but he is unable to carry it off. I think Ranbeer is too soft to play such a role and has still not graduated to that orbit of acting where in he could carry the film on his shoulders. Arjun Rampal has exceeded expectations {obviously you don't expect much from him when it comes to acting ;) } but he is looking hand-some. Others have played their parts well and with such a star studded cast you don't expect small names to shine through still Shruti Seth has done well to catch the EYES ;). 3/5 {manoj vajpayee - 4.5/5}

Soundtrack -- Mora Piya and Bheegi si bheegi si are good and are used in narrative. Background score is good and impactful. 3/5

Overall, Rajneeti is a one time watch with friends while munching pop-corns and sipping cold drinks.

My verdict -- 2.5/5


SiD... said...

Good One this!!!

Netravathi Beerappa said...

Hmm..Me too watched it yesterday..too many assassinations in 3 hours..dialogues are good :)

I felt that the actors have emoted well...Loved Nana Patekar in this movie..Ajay is at his usual best and yes Arjun has exceeded expectations..Katrina has to work on her hindi accent a lot :D

Overall, I would rate it 3.5/5

KT said...

@Sid -- thanks bro

@Nethra -- I agree .. dialogues are good...and too many assassinations...they literally tried to emulate Mahabharat in 2nd half...

Anasthaesium said...

gotta watch it then..that good huh..

sirius said...

Ajay devgan was wasted he was given a very insignificant role in the movie.Ranbir is irritating,way too much screen time

nisha said...

This was great to read for me.Thanks for this post.