Monday, June 7

Indo-chinese invading the west!!

Portugese, French, Dutch and British established their trading ports in India by 16th century and later established colonies in India. By 1856 most of the India was under control of British -"east india company". What started as a business opportunity led to the forceful occupation of Indian territory and Indian resources. British sent the best of their military officers, administrative officers etc to India in order to develop an army of Indians that could be used to rule India. The influx of British technicians and technology gave India few of the best examples of world class engineering and architecture. British exploited India's rich natural resources while Indians never stood united in face of adversity and in-fighting threw them into clutches of slavery for hundreds of years.

China was never directly ruled by any western power but the hold of its Quing dynasty was weakened after British opium wars in 19th century. Like India, China was equally exploited by west for its natural resources.

At that point of time Britain was the core of power and economic well being. Britain experienced industrial revolution and soon fell short of resources. To feed its factories , britain invaded east.

Hundreds of years later.

USA is the core of power and has the largest GDP.

Most of the people involving high intellect are serving USA in variety of fields. Medicine, Space exploration, Defense, Engineering, Technology and MBAs {how can this blog forget MBAs ;)}. We have already heard allegations of Chinese spies stealing US space exploration and Nuclear ideas to develop the same for China. India is also growing in stature with time.

Indians and Chinese have already established sort of trading ports in USA and UK though in individual capacity. Various bills are proposed to stop the influx of people from these two emerging economies to the developed nations of the world. With almost 1/3 of world population India and China will soon require gigantic infrastructure and tremendous resources to meet the demand of population. When people won't find resources in their home country they will leave for other prosperous countries.

Take that -- Australia has 3 times the area that of India and a population that is 1/50 of india's population.

What remains to be seen is whether in coming centuries India and China will invade west to fulfill the demand of their population?? I am sure in next 15 years or so we will see one big war. Oil has been the reason of many wars in gulf area, next wars could be triggered in Indo-pak-china region because of scarcity of water. Or, it could also happen that India and China unite {highly unlikely at present but not impossible} and try to take control of west.

Its just a thought so take it lightly ;) ... i think a futuristic movie can be made on this theme,,....


Raj said...

Interesting post indeed!
Here's more on this:
BRIC ( Brazil, Russia, India, China ) are all emerging economies as of now but if you look at the GDP projections for 2050, China's would be the world's largest economy closely followed by USA, India..The interesting factoid is the GDP per-capita ranking would almost remain the same...with USA and other western nations ( including Japan ) ruling the roost even 40 years from now..


Stupid Post..Really Stupid

KT said...

@Raj -- thanks for the link :)

@Truthhunter -- Everyone has his or her own views. I think biggest stupid is one who regards others as stupid. "Please take it with a grain of salt."