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Thursday, October 20

Booth o Booth

Well my love for Booth grows after every interaction with alum or ad-com..

Forrest Gump -

he is one of the most helpful guys i have ever met online...hats off to you dude..

Poweryogi -

FANTASTIC -- he is one guy whom i would LOVE (brotherly love) to meet and seek GYAN...his blog inspires me to jump to next orbit...

AD-COM -- how hard you work guys??? you write them a mail and here comes a prompt reply ("and that too amid the ongoing admissions season...)

Attending Booth would be a dream come true...?(thats wat i feel right now...)

Thursday, December 16

Waitlisted at Booth !!

Some light at the end of tunnel...Can someone guide me about the next steps?? seems like i had totally ignored the possibility of WL...i was thinking in binary terms..ding/acceptance...glad that i am not a nitro boost to my confidence....hopefully i ll hear some good news from Fuqua...and i am very determined about pulling chi...after my visit to chi .. i have literally fallen heels over head in love with the school...

also, this WL gives me the confidence for r2 apps...Wharton and Ross it is...and if time permist...LBS too...but time is too lesss....

Dear KT,

Your application to the University of Chicago Booth School of Business has received the careful consideration of our Admissions Committee. While we are impressed with your application, we are unable to provide you with a final decision at this time and will place you on our waitlist for future consideration. I want to assure you that being placed on the waitlist signals our sincere interest in your candidacy.

This year, our admissions process was highly competitive. While Chicago Booth is grateful to have so many talented students seeking to join us in Fall 2011, we are simply not able to admit all of our most qualified candidates at this time.

During the coming months, the Committee will review waitlist candidates for admission as a part of our Round 2 evaluation process. Decisions will be released as part of our Round 2 process on March 16th. While we hope to enroll as many waitlist candidates as we can at that point, the possibility does exist that some students will continue to be on the waitlist into the next application round.

You are more than welcome to visit Chicago Booth at any time, though this is not necessary and will not directly impact your admission decision. In the meantime, we ask that you stay in touch should you choose to make other plans and no longer wish to be considered for a spot in the Class of 2013.
As we continue with the Admissions process for Fall 2011, please contact our office directly via e-mail regarding any questions you may have ( ). We appreciate your patience during this process and wish you the best.

Kurt Ahlm
Senior Director of Admissions