Wednesday, January 23

I have grown up but my parents are growing old..

Today, my dad called me and told that my paternal uncle is no more. His voice was shaky and i am sure he was crying. Losing the big brother must be hard for him. Even after hanging up the phone i can't get my dad's voice out of my's still echoing there. I can't explain how painful it is for me to realize that my dad was crying and i can't do anything about it. How the times have changed. Time flies..literally, the days have become longer and the years short. Few years back i was the one who was whining and sobbing in front of my parents..seems like i have grown up but my parents are growing old :(

Wednesday, January 9


Someone who can make you smile for eternity
Can hold your hand in front of a stupid fraternity
The one who loves watching you sleep
He will be yours forever to keep
The one who loves to feel your breath
Someone who will be with you till the death
With him in your life you will never need a friend
That someone should be your husband…

Monday, January 7

the veil

in the desert beneath the moonlight
your sensual eyes behind the veil
you tease me and you please me
i lift the veil and kiss your lips
you make me do the crazy things
is it the love or just a dream
why does ur absense invokes this pain

Saturday, January 5

Wish list Wednesday No.4

First of all a big thanks to PS and judges for choosing my post as the winning entry last week.  Also, i got my copy of  which i plan to read this weekend. I hope this book also tops the charts like Preeti's other works.

And now this week's prompt: "i wish everyone loved.....". I gave this topic a prolonged thought and came up with various things that could fit the bill, like - i wish everyone loved their mother/ loved their food/ loved their spouse/ loved themselves/loved their job/loved mother earth and what not.

But, nothing seemed to justify the notion of LOVE, for love can't be confined to an object, person or an idea. After much contemplation i can simply say - i wish everyone "LOVED". I sincerely wish that everyone once in their lifetime truly experience the emotion called love irrespective of whether they love a person/animal or an idea.

I have failed, i have conquered and above all i have evolved as a person when i loved.

Falling in love, i experienced passion -  I skipped heartbeats, I missed few breaths and I dreamt with open eyes. The world became so beautiful that it seemed like heaven. I anticipated for my feelings to be reciprocated and I experienced anxiety when my expression of love went "unanswered/unnoticed".

Waiting for my beloved, i developed patience. While waiting to get a glimpse of those sparkling eyes, sensuous lips and enigmatic smile every moment seemed like an eternity. But in the end it was always worth the wait.

I have fought in love and learnt to rise above my ego while placating my beloved. I have failed in love and i have been depressed. The world seemed dark and gloomy like hell. I have cursed myself for loving someone. I have experienced hatred when i failed in love.

But when someone LOVED me i developed the strength to let go off the past and i learnt to rise above the feeling of possession. A dialogue from Namaste London says it all:

ishq de meree mitra pehchaan kee 
mit javay jadoon zid apnan dee

Translation - 
what is the true identity of love
when you rise above your obsession for possession

I might have failed in love at some point of time but i have found the love of my life. I am glad that i LOVED and i wish at some point of their lives everyone LOVED someone/something with all their might..