Saturday, September 26

Watch when you Talk! {what an idiot sir ji}

The new ad campaign of Idea cellular service has the punchline which says "Walk when you talk". This idea is really cool and for the same reason the compounder in the ad-campaign compliments the doctor played by Aishwarya Rai's Husband {forgot his name, he is Amitabh Bachan's son} by saying "What an Idea sir ji!" {"or read it as "What an Idea sir"}. But after today's Physiotherapy session i would start following the Mantra that says "WATCH WHEN YOU TALK" else someone will compliment me by saying "What an idiot Sir ji!"

What happened in the last physiotherapy session that i am talking in such a philosophical mood? Ok, let me share the story with all you fellow bloggers:

I  go for a physiotherapy session on a daily basis to get relief from the back pain and the physiotherapist works on my back by giving an ultra-sonic massage followed by some vibratory massage and Short wave diathermia {scientific name for some special kind of heating}.

While the physiotherapist was working on my back another of his patient suffering from Tennis Elbow came to his clinic. The physio's assistance started working on his arm and the patient started talking on anything and everything. In between the Physio said "Madam is going to come" {actually the physio was asking mr Tenis Elbow "Is the Madam going to come today?"}, mr tenis elbow thought that some lady is going to come for the treatment. Unable to control his urge for talking the patient fired back "You physios have all the fun with Madams ha ha ha!" and made some funny faces.

The physio replied "Sir i am asking whether your madam i.e. your wife will be coming in for a physiotherapy session today?"  Before Physio could utter anything else his assistance and I started laughing out loudly, {how can mr Tenis Elbow say something like that about his wife and the physio} and Mr tenis elbow must have felt like an idiot.

I know Physio should prepare for GMAT to avoid the awkward sentences but then mr Tenis Elbow should start following the mantra: "Watch when you Talk"

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