Monday, September 28

The Power of Advertising -- Deodorant becomes Aphrodisiac !!!

The ads that i see in the newspaper or on the TV are superbly exploiting the human psychology. I am not an expert in the field of marketing but after analyzing few of the advertisements across industries i feel the advertisements these days can be divided into 2 broad categories based upon the sexes.

The difference in the structure of Male and Female brains primarily drives the advertising. Just check out the basic structures of Male and Female brains in the pic below:

I won't touch upon the circuitry of the female brain but i am eligible to comment on the Male circuitry. I believe Tv is wrongly shown as the centre of male brain. The more appropriate structure of male brain should be as follows:

Now, this is called "THE FOCUS". The pic above exemplifies the thoughts {thoughts? i can only see a single thought} that are going on in the male brain. Advertisement agencies are aware of the huge imbalance between male and female brains and thats why there are two categories of advertisements: ads for men and ads for women.

In this article i will only write about the first category of the ads i.e ads for men. The advertisment for deodorant looks more like an ad for aphrodisiac. You don't believe me, check-out the following links:

1. Deodorant or Aphrodisiac?? Check out the links:

Who cares whether Axe removes the odor or not but it will drive women crazy. And many of my friends {i dont use a deodorant} bought bottles after bottles of Axe and many other deos but they are still single. Check out ads of other deos:
Wild stone -- does it removes odor or drives women horny ... am still to figure it out

You can also check out the ads of Park Avenue, Denver or for that matter any other deo and i am sure you might be confused at first whether the ad is of deo or a condom or an aphrodisiac.

2. Mango Drink or {K}Amasutra ?? check out this link:

This mango drink can drive women crazy!!! {Girls pls dont drink mango drinks at the parties}

3. Cement or Italian Call girl??

Check out this ad from a local newspaper asking for applications from distributors for a cement company. I could not find the qualities of cement anywhere but all i could see was a girl:

4. See how TATA is selling its MUV: {click on the link below}

For most part of the ad only the girl is shown as if you get a car free with this gal. No need to mention features, fuel economy etc of the car. Simply show that you will drive chics mad if you buy this car

Finally, i came across one ad in the newspaper about GMAT preparation company. The ad had a  headline that read: " OUR ENGLISH TEACHER" followed by a sensual lady's pic. Nice ad for drawing guys to your prep centre. Nowhere did the ad talked about credentials of the teachers or the course content.

One can check the following ads too:{click on the links below}

The list is endless.. you can watch ads for jeans, chocolate, burger, LCD panels and  you will find all of them based on a single theme... hats off to ad makers .... for only they can project an underwear as an aphrodisiac...


marry said...

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Braveheart said...

Hi Marry .. {nice name btw} .. u re right .. blogs are full of info..we just need to know wat is imp for us and wat is not...

thnx for the nice words :)

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