Tuesday, September 22

Sentence Correction - 2

Manhattan SC guide is regarded as {regarded must be followed by as} the bible of SC and i have no doubt about that {can't use it here}. Summarising few of the imp concepts that i picked up while going through Adamjon's notes {these points are not mentioned in Manhattan guide}:

1. One of the {plural noun} is ---
One of the {Plural noun} THAT ARE

2. Each of the three cats is {each preceds the subject}
Three cats each are {each follows the subject}
Three cats, each of which is

3. Be on a lookout for word placement, certain words moving from one position to other can alter the intent of author:

ALL children are covered with mud
Children are ALL covered with mud

4. Known vs Unknown:

If original sentence is certain about an outcome then cross out the answer choices that indicate uncertainity:

Drop in fuel prices will boost auto sales
Drop in fuel prices might boost auto sales

5. Relative pronouns {who, that, which} generally agrees with the immediately preceding noun.
{However in certain cases it might refer to a noun earlier than the immediately preceding noun.}

--> It, They, Them agree with the subject of preceding clause or sentence

6. Don't use conditional verb {could, may, might etc}with Possible/Possibly

7. Adverbs of frequency should be placed between auxiliary verb and past participle:

--> As anyone has ever come -- correct
--> As anyone ever has come -- incorrect

8. Between can be used for more than two items if the relationship is one to one, however much it may be repeated with different partners.
--> Dr. Sayre’s lecture recounted several little-known episodes in the relations between nations that illustrate what is wrong with alliances and treaties that do not have popular support.

9. It doesn't matter whether the subject is singular or plural after will you must use have and not has,

Will have ----

10. Not only generally calls for a later but also but But also does not necessarily calls for an earlier not only. e.g:
--> Rio de Janeiro has some of the world's most famous beaches, but it also has some of the world's most notorious slums

11. Majority should be used with countable nouns

A majority of -- plural
One half of voters -- Plural
A lot of voters -- plural

12. Regard and consider are similar in meaning. But Regard must be followed by As while consider should not be followed by as or to be.

I regard him as a friend.
I consider him a friend.

13. Do NOT USE Subjuntive in a clause begining with Until.

14. Different Than -- can be used to compare a noun and a clause. But should never be used to compare two nouns. Delhi is different than "it was 10 years ago" is correct.

15. Concerned for -- worried/anxious
Concerned with -- related to

Native to -- characterstic or species -- tigers are native to india
Native of -- birthplace -- i am a native of Jupiter

16. Due to is different from Because of.
Due to should only be used to mean caused by.
The game was postponed due to rain -- incorrect
The game's postponement was due to rain -- correct

17. Credit with -- accredited with -- edison is credited with inventing the bulb
Credit to -- give money -- The bank credited $1 million to my account {why in the hell you are writing this blog then ??}
Credit for -- Money received for -- The customer received a $20 credit for the interruption in service.

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