Friday, July 24

MBA and Job Switches

I am in a dillema for past few months. I have been working for past 5 years and I have already worked with 3 organizations{ and due to a severe accident i had to stay at home for 6 months, so there's a gap of 6 months in my resume}. I will be applying to b-schools next year in R1 and R2, recently i got an offer from a consulting firm. So i am confused whether to stick to my current job {for stability per se} or make the move.

Before i invite thoughts of fellow bloggers and b-school students and alums, i would like to share my story with you all. I am a Mechanical Engg and started working for a leading automobile manufacturer in my country. But soon i realized that i don't have a flair for manufacturing. The job on the shop floor is too monotonous {until and unless you are in design shop} and then i got a project which involved lots of analysis and strategy formulation. I performed brilliantly on this project and the project was selected as one of the best projects of the year. Then i met with an accident and had to stay at home for 6 months. It was during this time i realized that i would fit best in an industry where i could put my analytical ability to the best of use.

As i spoke to my friends and college seniors they advised me to look for a job in consulting domain. With all the time at hand, i researched a lot more about consulting industry and felt that i can work happily for the rest of my life in a consulting firm.

I sent my resume to a lot of consulting firms but never got any invite from any of the firms. I was disheartened but i applied to an analytics firm and was selected. I started working as an analyst and really enjoyed my work. At times i had to bust my ass for 36 hours at a stretch but i never complained because i loved what i was doing. The projects were challenging, i could see my efforts helping the client and there was huge learning.

Unfortunately, my organization's biggest client started a captive centre and took away all the business. The firm bled badly and with its future looking bleak there was an exodus of employees from the organization. I followed the suit.

Next, I joined the analytics team of one of the biggest bank in the world. The team was new and i got an opportunity to work on some of the good projects. The best part was that i helped my team grow from 2 people to 15 in a span of 2 years. Currently i am leading a fairly big group of analysts. Have already got one out of term promotion and might get second in next 6-8 months.

Now i have got an offer from one of the consulting firms {not the top 3} and i am in a big confusion. I want to get into consulting post MBA and this switch will really help me when i sit for placements in b-school. BUT, i already have 2 job switches on my resume and i don't want to be perceived as a job hopper by the Adcoms, so am not sure what to do.

I have a big chance of getting promoted in next few months in my current organization {would be my 2nd promotion in 30 months} which can be a very positive factor when i apply to b-schools.

In nutshell, i want to invite thoughts of my able fellow bloggers so that i can cover various pros and cons and finally take a better decision.


SiD said...

After MBA, Brand Name with which you have worked will be a factor.. so if your present brand is better stick to it...

Personally, I wud go for promotion and stick because ur present priority is MBA.. new co. may result in some mental instability as u try to adjust in the new environs and establish yourself!!...

Illuminati said...

thanku sir g...thats what i was thinking have re-inforced my jammu??

Marisa said...

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Good luck!
Marisa Peck