Sunday, July 19

How to make the best use of a meeting with an alum or a current student!

Today i called up one of my friend who's pursuing his MBA from a top b-school and realised that i need to have a set of questions ready which i can ask current MBA students or alums. Would like to share these questions so that you may make the best use of call/meeting with an alum or current student.

1. Always ask about their experience at the school. What did they liked, what turned them off etc etc. I asked my friend that "if you can travel back in time would you still like to come to this school?"

2. What is the learning model at your school? How comfortable you are with the curriculum? Does the learning model ensures that you grasp the fundamentals or do you feel out of place?

3. Whether you have to work independently or you work in teams? (I would prefer a school where i have to work in teams)

4. Does the school believes in grade non disclosure or not? (I would prefer a school which does not discloses the grade of the students.)

5. What is the size of the class? How well you are able to network with the rest of the class? How many people you know from your batch?


7. Are the students overly competitive or they are co-operative?

8. How do you find the alum community?

9. Are you proud to carry the name of "xyz" b-school or do you feel otherwise?

10. What would you suggest in order to strengthen my application for "xyz" school?

11. What do you like most and hate most about the school?

You can weave these questions and any other that you feel are relevant around your conversation with a current student and get a fair idea about the school.


Neochronic said...

good questions.. but Honestly i felt most of them to be generic though i cannot think anything better :):) i think every admit will say that the faculty is great and they are happy to carry the brand of the school and definitely will brag about the school's culture etc etc..

Illuminati said...

Students might brag about their respective school but i found that not all of them are equally passionate while doing so. After talking to current students you will definitely get a feel of school's culture. And these questions might help in starting the conversation, then you can steer it according to your equirement.