Tuesday, July 7

GMAT Score!! Is it really a make or break thing?

GMAT score is often the most talked about topic when it comes to MBA journey of an applicant. People so often start preparing for GMAT even before they finalize schools and in some cases even before they could answer why MBA {I too belonged to this category ;)}.

Is it true that one's GMAT score is the decisive factor in one's application? {i know this is the most cliched question and most answered question in the GMAT forums. I will just try to bring a different perspective to this question.} Undoubtedly, GMAT score is very important and you can get some idea about its importance from the following numbers:

Source: Kellogg Business school website

Its not tough to conclude from the above numbers that the lowest score pool has the highest conversion %age and the 750+ pool has the lowest conversion %age. There is not a huge difference between number of applicants in the two pools(718 vs 885). Then what could be the decisive factor??
It is important to realize that one's application consists of the following parameters (this list does not represent the relative importance of any of the factor, all the factors are equally important):

1. GMAT score
2. Work Experience
3. Extra currics
4. Recommendations
5. Undergrad transcripts
6. ESSAYS (I believe them to be most imp -- essays must give a clear and interesting picture of the candidate to the Adcom)

The highest no. of applicants are from 680-740 pool and if your score is in this bracket then stop bothering about retaking the exam and start working on other aspects of the application.

Good GMAT score is necessary but not sufficient!


Rocky said...

quite an interesting discovery for myself!

Illuminati said...

i know, i too thought that 750+ bracket would yield the highest acceptance ratio but i was wrong.

You can also visit Darden's statistics and you will find this pattern to hold true.

H A R I said...

Wow thats actually interesting and inspiring. And most ppl think that they should retake and improve their 740 score by another 10-20 points!!! Good write-up.

Charles said...

Great analysis. Yup, GMAT scores are definitely overrated... work experience is definitely the #1 factor. A lot of applicants would avoid some pain and expense if they figured this out sooner!

Braveheart said...

I can't say whether work ex is no.1 factor but i agree with you that GMAT is at times over rated. Its the application in totality that gets accepted or rejected.

Anonymous said...

An eye opener...Thanks man ur blog is 1 of d best blogs i've ever come across

-Pranav,GMAT aspirant