Tuesday, July 21

Chicago GSB

Class profile:
Median work ex: 60 months
Median age: 28 yrs (entering class)
Median GMAT: 720 (Must say its quite high)
Acceptance Rate: approx 14%

School at a glance:
Chicago is one of the best b-school that one can get into. Chiacgo's strength are its "flexible curriculum"{Leadership Effectiveness and Development (LEAD) is the only required course in entire curriculum. } and a steller roster of faculty {Both the factors are imp for me}. This college has a very strong alum network and a tremendous international brand name {This is another plus for those who are looking for a global career}. Another highlight is the rigor of the academic program at Chicago. Chicago GSB students are the hardest working of the lot.

Finance is the most popular major at the college followed by strategy. No doubt that top consulting and finance firms recruit heavily at Booth. The curriculum is inclined towards quant{which i won't mind at all} and therefore college somewhat attracts students who have a flair for quant. From what i have heard, Chicago's class is not as diverse as those of H/S/W {Can any alum throw light on this? } . But a sudden rise in ranking should see a lot more candidates from diverse backgrounds applying to this school.

Careers pursued by grads:
Majority of the grads go to consulting and i-banks. I want to get into consulting post my MBA (a logical progression from analytics to consulting) so Chicago fits my post MBA plans.

Top 3 consulting firms Mckinsey, Boston and Bain recruited 62 people from the class (more than 10%). And if we take into consideration other consulting firms then the %age shoots upto 22%. 110 students out of 484 students were absorbed by consulting firms.

Placement source:

If a school can facilitate 87% of the total placements then it shows how strong its Career development services are. This again is a big plus. Approx 20% of the class gets placed in Europe and Asia.


Chicago has more nobel laureates in its faculty roster than any other school. So one can expect a high quality of learning experience. On the basis of what i have heard from my friend {a booth student} Chicago offers an amazing classroom experience. It forces you to stretch your boundaries {i think every top school does that}.

Given its strong International Brand and a strong presense in Consulting industry i think it makes sense for me to apply to chicago. I think i have got my first school to which i will be applying next year.


Harsha said...

H-S-W means Harward, Standford and some other college name Welli something.. sorry for not giving right answers, but this is what i got from HSW

Braveheart said...

Hi..W- Wharton..the first business school of the world ;) ....