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Clear Admit Career Guides - Review

Disclaimer: The views expressed below are my personal opinion and in no way related to clear admit or any other company.

I recently bought Clear Admit Career guide for Marketing. I am really sad to say that the publication disappointed me. Rather than a true career guide the pdf serves as a handbook for comparing Marketing curriculum of various US b-schools {that too is not a detailed comparison}.

The guide speaks about the career in Marketing only for 1 page. Yes you read it correctly, its "1 page". And this description is also limited to "Brand Management or Product development" paths in Marketing.

The publication could have been a lot better had it served the following purposes:

1. Provided clear cut distinction between a Marketing career in CPG industy and a Marketing Career in non-CPG industries {such as Financial services}
2. The guide could have explained the career progression in Marketing industry and could have explained the roles and responsibilities of Marketers at various stages of their careers
3. Also, the guide fails to describe in detail the skill-set that is required to kick start a career in Marketing,

Good points:

1. Gives you a good flavour of Marketing curriculum at various schools -- though you will have to explore the website and other resources to get the whole story

in short, for $40 the clear admit guide for Marketing is not a value for money buy...if i have to rate this guide on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the highest:

My verdict: 1.5/5


DreamChaser said...

check this out, I found Ross' career guide very helpful, and they are free!

Braveheart said...

Hi DC -- thanks a lot for the link...

Clear Admit said...

Hi Braveheart,

Thank you for your candid feedback on the Clear Admit Career Guide to Marketing and Brand Management, and we apologize for any confusion. However, it seems that your expectations for the content of this guide were not in sync with what we offer. Per the product description on the Clear Admit site, the Marketing Career Guide we offer is an MBA program-focused guide to the marketing curricula (courses, clubs, conferences, professors, placement, etc) at leading business schools.

Given that Clear Admit is an MBA admissions consultancy, our Career Guides are designed to help MBA applicants better understand the resources at leading MBA programs as they target the best schools for their chosen career path. If you seek a general guide to a specific industry (to understand what it means to pursue a career in marketing, consulting, banking, etc), there are other resources out there on sites like and Wet Feet Press (disclaimer: Clear Admit does not have a relationship with either firm).

Thanks again for your comments. At minimum, they have helped our publications staff to understand that our message/product description could perhaps be made clearer, so that MBA applicants know that the guides are 100% school-focused and designed for use in the MBA admissions process.

We at Clear Admit wish you the best of luck with all of your business school endeavors.

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Lloyd said...

I was looking for Career Guides and I landed in this post. Had fun reading, I'll be visiting for more for sure