Thursday, May 13

Career progress and future goals essay

Briefly assess your career progress to date. Elaborate on your future career plans and your motivation for pursuing an MBA. (600 Words)

I was really aghast with myself as i saw the draft of my answer to the question above. I elaborated my career and never assessed the same. And i briefly touched upon the idea as to why i need an MBA. Needless to say, i used 1200 words to shape up my response.

If i want to submit winning essays i really need to understand the question before i started vomiting my useless answers on word pad. The ad-com commitee wants to understand how i have fared in my career till now and what are the various skills that i have acquired and honed. Also, they want to get a flavor of the impact of my work and most importantly want to understand the motivation behind my career moves. Elaboration of my career goals would point towards the skills that i need to acquire.
Wish i had given a lot more time to understanding the question and framing up the answer than just scribbling my thoughts down.

Plan to work on this essay during this weekend and hopefully trim it down to 700 words before finally taking it to 600 word limit.

lots of work!!!!


bizwiz said...

last year I missed the 'assess' part and wrote pretty much a more detailed version of my resume... needlessly to say, I was disappointed when I realized what I'd done.

this year I did a better job, but my first draft was somewhere in the 1000+ words range before I trimmed it down. then my reviewer said I should 'be more specific here' and 'add this somewhere' and again ended up with 900-something words. we played that game a couple times, and it became more and more difficult to add new stuff, while staying within the word-limit.

but the final result was worth it.

good luck!

Anasthaesium said...

sounds good! keep at it! :)
btw, which schools is that??

Braveheart said...

@bizwiz -- i can understand wat you are saying... :) ...

5 days left wingman!!! :)

@Anasthaesium -- its K...but it doesn't matter because this is the question that you will have to answer for each and every school...

Fighter said...

Can see what you are saying.

In btw, which schools are you applying to..?