Saturday, May 1

10k hits

Finally my blog recorded 10k hits. Thanks to all the readers.

As expected max. no. of hits are from USA..followed closely by India. One interesting trend that i noticed -- Normally Indian hits are almost half of US hits on other blogs. But in my case they are almost 80% of US hits.

Is it because Indians love my blog or people in USA hate it?? I would like to believe the former :).

On Apps front haven't made much progress for last 2 weeks. Only good thing was that i disclosed my MBA plans to one of my recommendors. She is my client and was very pleased to hear my decision to go for an MBA. Now i need to intimate my 2nd recommendor -- my current supervisor. I have been working with him for past 3 years now. He knows my strengths and weaknesses, he is the one who has seen me grow professionally. I think he won't mind writing a reco for me but then you never know!!!

My back pain has returned with a bang and has not allowed me to read or write much. Ortho department failed to heal my injury and now i am under the supervision of Neuro department.

More later...ciao


bizwiz said...

congratz on reaching 10k views!

Ellipsing My Business School said...

isn't it a sigh of relief when you find out that someone is on board to write you a letter of rec?!?! Congrats

Braveheart said...

@bizwiz -- Thanks dude!!

@Ellipsing... -- You are feels great --1 recommendor freezed..