Sunday, August 2

Which b-school -2 !

This is in continuation to my previous post "Which b-school?". I had 9 colleges in my mind and after exploring the websites of b-schools and talking to current students i have decided not to apply to Emory and Kelley. So, that means i have no safe school in my list. I am going to apply to 2 schools in R-1 and other 2 in R-2 next year.

Also, a further research enabled me to flag some schools as reach schools and others as stretch. I am able to shortlist 3 of my target schools but still have to shortlist the 4th. Adding to my confusion are Tuck, Cornell, INSEAD and Duke {yes, i have added one more name to my list but then the good news is that i have crossed out 3}

Below is my updated list:

1. Cornell ---> Reach --- wrote a detailed post about Cornell. confused

2. Wharton ---> dream school --> Stretch -- Applying in round-2 next year. Wharton passes the test that one of the fellow blogger had mentioned {My mom knows about this college}. Brand name: for me it can't better than this, Culture: After reading student blogs, talking to Alums and students i feel that Wharton has a culture which promotes learning. You learn, have fun, meet great people from diverse backgrounds. Grade non-disclosure policy in place {very imp for me}. Placement stats are fabulous {can you believe Mckinsey and Boston together recruited close to 100 students last year}. All in all Wharton remains my dream school.

3. Kellogg ---> Stretch ----> Everything about Kellogg is awesome. Has a tremendous Brand value, International appeal, Excellent General Management Program. Above all Kellogg is pioneer when it comes to "Team Work". {In all my posts i am cribbing about team work, collaborative culture. There is a reason behind it which i will explain in another post} Students are supportive, curriculum is what iam looking for and not to mention the great employment statistics of the school {career development services are one of the best among top b-schools}. I cannot explain all my reasons in words, after talking to students, going through website, brochure etc i had a hunch that i would fit nicely in Kellogg. Applying R-2 next year.

4. INSEAD ---> Everything is wonderful, only confusion that i have in mind is whether i want to attend a 1 yr school or not? From what i have heard {students in US b -schools}, 1 yr programs don't give as much opportunity to learn and enjoy the MBA experience as 2 yr programs give. Have to call one INSEAD student this week and will discuss this in detail with him. confused

5. TUCK ---> Stretch -- Great b-school and one of the most selective schools in US. Excellent General Management curriculum, Great Faculty (esp Strategy and Ops management), One of the most close knit community with fabulous Alum network. Alums are too supportive. Remote location (i would love to spend 2 years in Hanover), No. 1 in terms of ROI (Forbes 2007 ranking, ROI matters a lot). Tuck students enjoy good Intl mobility though Tuck is not a very popular brand outside US but i read one of their Adcom officer mentioning that Tuck is trying hard to spread its name outside USA, which is a good sign. A bit confused, whether i should apply or not?

6. EMORY ---> safe school ---> Dropped--> after to talking to current students i realized that Emory lacks a good Career development cell. Also, the recall value of brand "Goizueta" is not too great. In case one wants a global career then Emory is not a very good choice.

7. Kelley --> safe school ---> Dropped --> Too good for Marketing but nothing else to boast about.

8. Chicago Booth ---> Booth is a great college and in a previous post i had written that i might aply to Booth next year. Only issue i found with the school is its culture. After speaking to current students and after trying to contact alumni i found that people in Booth are not as helpful as in other top b-schools. I had read that Chicago alums don't share very strong bonds with the school and i could sense that during my conversation with a few of them (may be i selected the wrong set of people). While students at Darden, Kellog, INSEAD, Emory etc were enthusiastic about discussing their school {despite their hectic schedules}, Booth's students were hardly responsive. No matter how great the curriculum or career support at Booth is, i don't want to end up at a college wherein i can't fit. Dropped.

9. Darden (though its heavily tilted towards case method) -- > I am applying to Darden in R1-next year. Had a conversation with a current student (Paige) and all my inhibitions twards case method were gone. Paige's passion about Darden was infectious. The learning model and collaborative culture at Darden appealed me a lot. Moreover, after thoroughly understanding the Darden's culture, learning model and curriculum i think i will be fortunate if i get to attend this school. Career development services offered by the school are great. ROI per se school ranks 4th (Forbes 2007 rankings). And the general management curriculum is something that i am looking for. And i feel Darden is a reach school.


thrillnchill said...

Nice choice of schools, I believe you must also have talked to the students and alumns about placement of internationals and the effects of H1B policies on the same? It would be great if you could share your own and their perspective on this.
FYI - I am also looking to apply for Fall 10 session.

Illuminati said...

Sorry for the late reply...My back is in a real mess...Lumbago(lower backache) is killing me :'( ...

I have spoken to students and alums about placement of internationals. if you land up in top-10 then placement is not an issue. Because a lot of firms keep many positions reserved for students from FT or BW top 10 b-schools {acc to some current students at top US bschools}.
If you go to a lower ranked school with an average brand name then you will have to work hard to get placed. {thats why i dropped emory and kelley of my list}
Also, you prior work ex plays an imp role. consulting and IB jobs are most coveted ones and one not only competes with his or her classmates but also with students at other top b-schools.

Placement is not as easy as it is in Indian b-schools but yes the whole process of placement makes one a more polished person and one develops certain traits which are really helpful in becoming successful in the professional life.

Again on H1B, top tier firms can get u an H1B if they like you. Only problem is when you land up at a job with a small bouquet firm.

In short, if you can land up at a top b-school then getting a job, financing your MBA, H1B etc are not an issue.

Great to hear that you will be applying next year. given GMAT??

Anonymous said...

Sorry for my bad english. I would like to get updated with you new posts as I love to read your blog. Add me to your mailing list if you have any.