Friday, August 7

Random!! {brokeback mountain}

Don't assume anything about my sexual preferences from the topic of this post. Its just that i broke my back yeserday while playing cricket :'( ... I need to understand that i am not as agile as i was 10 years ago. Took a diving catch { Was a really good catch :) } and then walked off the field.

Heavy workload with backache will ensure that prep takes back seat now for some days. And Ms "S" is gonna kill me when she will learn that i am blogging and not resting {but how can i convince her that blogging (reading blogs of successful candidates) is a cool way to relax}

Had given GMAT club test day before yesterday. Quant is upto the mark {5 mistakes}, verbal is getting better {9 mistakes}. The GMAT club test was good, both the sections are balanced unlike Kaplan and MGMAT {with enormously tough verbal and damn hard quant respectively}.
I need to be a lot more focussed while giving the test {my attention was wavering during verbal}. Quant -- need to brush up inequalities and set thory {wasted 5 mins on a set theory question where i should have used comon sense}.

As soon as my backache goes i will get back to business. {If GMAT is anywhere near the level of GMAT club test then i should be writing GMAT in 5 weeks from now. Good news is that a new GMAT test centre has come up near my place. Earlier the closest centre was 40 miles away }


Dagny said...

Hi there,

You can take help from the following post for your GMAT preparation:

And good luck with your back. :)

Illuminati said...

Hi Dagny...great to hear that you read my blog. I have been visiting your forum for quite sometime now. But am a silent spectator. Planning to give GMAT in Oct.

Thanks for your wishes. I really need em...