Saturday, January 5

Wish list Wednesday No.4

First of all a big thanks to PS and judges for choosing my post as the winning entry last week.  Also, i got my copy of  which i plan to read this weekend. I hope this book also tops the charts like Preeti's other works.

And now this week's prompt: "i wish everyone loved.....". I gave this topic a prolonged thought and came up with various things that could fit the bill, like - i wish everyone loved their mother/ loved their food/ loved their spouse/ loved themselves/loved their job/loved mother earth and what not.

But, nothing seemed to justify the notion of LOVE, for love can't be confined to an object, person or an idea. After much contemplation i can simply say - i wish everyone "LOVED". I sincerely wish that everyone once in their lifetime truly experience the emotion called love irrespective of whether they love a person/animal or an idea.

I have failed, i have conquered and above all i have evolved as a person when i loved.

Falling in love, i experienced passion -  I skipped heartbeats, I missed few breaths and I dreamt with open eyes. The world became so beautiful that it seemed like heaven. I anticipated for my feelings to be reciprocated and I experienced anxiety when my expression of love went "unanswered/unnoticed".

Waiting for my beloved, i developed patience. While waiting to get a glimpse of those sparkling eyes, sensuous lips and enigmatic smile every moment seemed like an eternity. But in the end it was always worth the wait.

I have fought in love and learnt to rise above my ego while placating my beloved. I have failed in love and i have been depressed. The world seemed dark and gloomy like hell. I have cursed myself for loving someone. I have experienced hatred when i failed in love.

But when someone LOVED me i developed the strength to let go off the past and i learnt to rise above the feeling of possession. A dialogue from Namaste London says it all:

ishq de meree mitra pehchaan kee 
mit javay jadoon zid apnan dee

Translation - 
what is the true identity of love
when you rise above your obsession for possession

I might have failed in love at some point of time but i have found the love of my life. I am glad that i LOVED and i wish at some point of their lives everyone LOVED someone/something with all their might..

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