Wednesday, January 23

I have grown up but my parents are growing old..

Today, my dad called me and told that my paternal uncle is no more. His voice was shaky and i am sure he was crying. Losing the big brother must be hard for him. Even after hanging up the phone i can't get my dad's voice out of my's still echoing there. I can't explain how painful it is for me to realize that my dad was crying and i can't do anything about it. How the times have changed. Time flies..literally, the days have become longer and the years short. Few years back i was the one who was whining and sobbing in front of my parents..seems like i have grown up but my parents are growing old :(


Amit said...

Sorry to hear about your loss. But I guess, this is the circle of life!

KT said...

hi amit r u?? and where r u these days??

Gexton said...

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