Monday, August 30

Foursome...believe me it's awesome!!!


Fever: Hello darling!! Long time .. {a vicious smile}

Me: uh are you??

Fever: don't worry about me...and be ready to answer that question yourself...

Me: are so hot {literally...;) i am at 98 F ... but mere kiss of you can send my body temp to 102F}...

Fever: Mwahhh!!! you have been longing for a hot kiss...weren't you??

Me: i was .. but i was not dreaming of you...and why in the hell Ms Sneezy and Ms coughy always accompany you?? i don't believe in foursome...why are you 3 after me?? i don't even use the Axe affect!!

I am still feeling tired after kissing and hugging ms fever and her friends...the foursome was awesome...after 3 days i am still feeling tired...

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