Sunday, February 21

SC Notes - 2

In continuation of my previous post:

19. you don’t pay in a job but you pay for a job – OG10-109

20. In English it is idiomatic usage to credit someone with having done something.- OG10-111

21. the correct idiom is better served by x than by y

22. after when is unidiomatic: one word or the other can be used to establish temporal sequence, but not both together. OG10 -124

23. you can't 'demand X to do Y'. – UNIDIOMATIC (subjunctive) {Demand that x do y}

24. it's wrong to say 'preferred X over Y'. the correct idiom is 'prefer X to Y'. take note.

25. the idiom to mistake x for y.

26. Considered as is unidiomatic but Regard as is idiomatic

27. GREATER THAN VS MORE THAN in formal written english, if you are talking about an increase in a single statistic, you use GREATER. if you are counting things, and NOT referring to 'the number' or 'the population' or any other single statistic, you use MORE
the population of filipinos is greater than it was 10 years ago

there are more filipinos than there were 10 years ago

28. the sentence form X is why is unidiomatic (X is the reason why would be idiomatic og10-177

29. 1) idiom : support from vs. support of
support from : is used when you get support from something(someone)
support of : is used to express that you support something
ex) I rallied to the support of my country.

30. because is better than since when explanation of a cause is given.

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