Saturday, February 20

Idioms/ SC - Notes

Found one document where i had jotted down some of the idioms/notes:

1. the idiom is "believe x to be y." – og 10- q 9

2. the infinitive to be is more appropriate than the limited present-tense is in referring to an event that occurred long ago but has been recently discovered – og 10-q9

3. rates of is incorrect; when rates means "prices charged," it should be followed by for. – OG 10-Q13

4. estimated to be is correct – og 10-q14 –estimated at is unidiomatic

5. the idiomatically correct expression distinguishes between x and y – og 10 –q15

6. the phrases on account of and because of are unidiomatic; because can independently introduce a complete subordinate clause

7. idiomatic expression worried about rather than worried over -- worried about is preferable when describing a condition rather than an action. – OG 10-42

8. none the less ... than in D and no less... as in E are unidiomatic; the correct form of expression, no less ... than, -- OG 10-30

9. the same to X as to Y. – OG 10-54 --- UNIDIOMATIC FORM - the same to X just as [it would] to

10. The phrase have a danger is unidiomatic – OG 10- 63

11. because an adverb such as twice cannot function as an object of the preposition by. – OG 10-72

12. seem is Followed by an infinitive (to indicate), - OG 10-95

13. : x forbids y to do z or x prohibits y from doing z

14. Use "a native of" when you're talking about where a person was born, for example: I am a native of Detroit.
Use "native to" when you're talking about a category, characteristic, or species, for example: Tigers are native to India.

15. Rather than vs Instead of
Rather than shows a judgment. One choice is preferred over the other. It is better somehow.
instead of merely expresses a replacement of one thing for another.
I would rather have ice cream than apple pie because I like ice cream better.
But if there weren't very much ice cream left, and I wanted to save some for tomorrow, I might have apple pie instead of ice cream tonight.

More to follow....


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susanta pradhan said...

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