Tuesday, January 12

Romeo - Juliet by Braveheart

Written for someone special, who has already got the flower and read this post :)

Many things happen in our life “by chance” and few “by choice”,
We had met “by chance” and are still together “by choice”,

“By chance” I got this flower for you and as I kept it on my Car’s dashboard

I noticed dew drops on its petals,
“By chance” I heard a sigh, it was this flower who was crying,
“By chance” he started talking and told me that you are looking at my tears and not the dew drops,
“By chance” I had mistaken tears for dew drops,

The story that I am sharing with you is “by chance” Romeo’s story,
“By chance” the flower that you are holding is “Romeo”, { i gave her  the flower }

“By chance” Romeo spoke to me and “By choice” shared his story
Romeo was a seed few months ago and so was Juliet,
Both were colorless, without any fragrance and had no feelings
“By chance” a gardener sowed both of them next to each other.
“By chance” both of them got Sunshine, Rain and Mother Earth’s Lap

“By choice” both decided to Blossom,
“By chance” both blossomed
“By chance” Romeo grew up handsomely
“By chance” Juliet grew up beautifully

“By chance” Romeo and Juliet grew up together
“By choice” they started loving each other
“By choice” they touched each other when breeze swung them,
“By choice” they spent sleepless nights under the blue Moon,
“By choice” they danced together when it rained,


One fine day, “by chance” the gardener who had sown Romeo and Juliet, plucked them,

“By choice” he sold them to a florist,
“By chance” the florist put Juliet in a bouquet and Romeo in a bucket full of water
“By choice” they kept on looking at each other,
“By choice” they cried,
“By chance” I bought Romeo; “by chance” I mistook his tears for the dew drops
“By chance” Romeo shared his story with me and “By choice” I went back to florist
“By chance” I was too late…Someone took Juliet away
“By choice” I was silent and “By chance” Romeo understood what my silence meant

“By choice” I decided to bring a smile BACK on Romeo’s face,
I decided to take him to Juliet and the way Romeo had described Juliet

I thought of someone who resembles his Juliet,
“By chance” its you …..

“By chance” Juliet had pink cheeks like yours
“By chance” she was as innocent as you are
“By chance” your fragrance compliments that of hers’
“By chance” Juliet was as gorgeous as you are

Romeo won’t last more than 3 days and will leave us to mingle with Juliet
“By chance” would you mind keeping Romeo with you?

“By choice” Smile…for you will touch Romeo’s soul….
Smile…for you may realize that life is short….

Smile…for you may smile now when you are with me…

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