Sunday, January 31

2 States - Book review

Read Chetan Bhagat's latest novel "2 states". After i finished the book i had just one question in my mind: "Mr. Bhagat, you started your writing career brilliantly. Why are you writing just for the sake of writing?"

2 states is spun around the same old issue of inter caste marriage. Its like eating the same old butter chicken but with a different garnishing. Mr. Bhagat says that he wants to send a message across by means of his book. Except for a little flavour of that message the book failed to evoke any emotion towards the message that the author wanted to convey.

The book lacks the plot, Narrative is brilliant towards the begining but is mere average towards the end. The narrative of the book till page no. 154 is ultimate, i felt like kissing the hand that wrote such a hilarious narrative. But post page 154, the book was pathetic. I found it hard to put the book down once i started but after page 154 i had lost interest in the book.

One can read the book if he/she is a die hard Chetan Bhagat fan otherwise go and watch "Ek Duje Ke Liye", its far far far better. 2 states does not seem to be the product of mind that crafted " 5 point someone".

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Acharya said...

you are totally correct .It does'nt seem to be chetan writing such a fiction.It looks so filmy .since strating it could not catch me,it was kind of boring though.