Monday, December 14


The emotional tsunami is killing me!!! I am feeling like a hollow man .. There is so much to express and so much to share but the cyclone of restlessness has gripped me and is going to rip me apart.

There are certain emotions that shape our lives {dont believe me ...emotion = e + motion = energy in motion, emotions are 14 times stronger than logic and these emotions eventually shape our actions and hence our destiny} and we still fail to recognize some of the emotions and our failure to recognize them causes restlessness. After a long struggle i have identified the emotion that is bothering me for so long , i was aware of its existense but kept myself busy in order to keep my mind distracted so that it could never figure it out {am going nuts i think :) }. Now while i am fully aware of the emotion, i am afraid of the consequences that might follow when i will express this emotion {reality might not be that bad but we oftn sketch scary scenes}.

I really want to express my feelings but am failing to find the right words. I am trying to run away from everything but this thought, this emotion won't leave me..

God help me! ... really the feeling is inexplicable...its really a nice feeling but my failure to express it is causing a lot of trouble.


"LSMBA" said...

Emotion is one of those tricky things. Impacts overall mindset, and its power is immense.

There's a great quote that talent is no substitute for experience. I agree. But between someone with less less experience, but more motivation, and someone with plenty of experience but little motivation, it seems to me you'd always want the guy who is going to push himself harder, take his mistakes more seriously, etc.

Anyhow. I don't know what your quote was about, and I hope your life is going well, but you did touch on that tricky 'EQ' button that has fascinated me as I have pushed it so many times to get results out of people.

Braveheart said...

Life is going great guns!! Things are falling in place but i am one of those incorrigible a$$holes who just can't be happy :) ..

if my glass is half full i want it filled upto the brim..and once it happens i started feeling that my glass is too small..i want a bigger glass...