Thursday, October 22

My Shit pot wants to be a Geyser!

Why in the hell a shit pot wants to become a Geyser? And, why in the hell i am writing a post on such a topic? Let me explain, today i heard my geyser talking to my shit pot.{believe me, i was also bedazzled.} But geysers do speak and so do shit pots. They also have sexual preferences and my geyser and shit pot both are gays :'( .

I was taking the hot shower when i heard the following conversation between my geyser and shit pot:

Geyser: You know shitty, this guy turns me on every morning and as he undresses the juices within my body start boiling. The signal on my body turns from green to red, marking the erotic state of my mind.

Shit pot: Don't start this all over again. He is a bastard and gives me a good view of his ASSets every day but as soon as i am turned on he shits one me :'(

Geyser: Thank goodness! I am so lucky, since the time his back has got injured he takes prolonged showers while giving a wonderful view of his ASSets and  i get to jerk off my hot juices {read water :)} on his body.

Shit Pot: I too get to feel his body when he sits but then it gets too kinky, wish i were a geyser {subjunctive mood here :) }

I hope you believe me now! Shit pots do talk and they too want to be someone else.


sid said...

this is one of the most creative things i have read......

Braveheart said...

oh my god!! finally "sid woke up" ,,, and am so blessed to have his comments on my blog ;)

Anonymous said...

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Kate Kuree