Saturday, June 13

The prep begins

Its been 5 years since i passed out of college and appeared in any sort of exam. To gauge my current level i gave one mock GMAT test and scored pretty badly. I used crack_the_GMAT test and got 580 (q51, v14). It was hard to concentrate and i did quant in 40 minutes and verbal in around 35 minutes.

I found quant to be easy but the verbal section stunned me. I felt as if all the choices were the same. If i have to meet my target of > = 750, then i need to work hard on basics of verbal. Getting a 51 on quant was a pleasant feeling but i made few silly mistakes ( i think i got 3 wrong out of 37 and all 3 were stupid mistakes).

I have not yet taken the date and don't intend to take one till i feel confident, i will start putting in 1-2 hours daily for first 3-4 weeks and once my stamina improves i will start clocking 3 hours or so during weekdays and maybe more on weekends. (Ms S is not going to like my idea of studying so much )

I have shortlisted the following material for my prep:
Sentence Correction: Manhattan -- have heard a lot about it, og-10 and 12
CR - OG-10, 12
RC -- will try and read articles of The Economist to improve my concentration levels
Quant -- will brush up some fundamentals and solve tons of problems esp DS

Will try and learn few tricks to solve the problems efficiently and if i find any such tricks i will share them with you all.

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