Friday, June 12

I wAnt To bEll thE cAt!!!

Men love CATS (no slang intended) ! Atleast i do, a considerable part of my life has been spent chasing the cats. Be it the species called "Felis Catus" or the "Common Admission Test" or my latest fascination "Computer Adaptive Test".

I adopted one stray cat (actually the cat started to live in my house and i used to give her the left overs to feed on. But to add to my list of community services i would say that i had adopted the cat) in year 1999 and took good care of her( believe me). But the cat lived upto her treacherous image and left me alone in year 2000. This heartache screwed up my IIT JEE preparations (As if it was not for this reason i would have pummeled the JEE entrance).

After being dumped by a" felis catus" in year 2000, another CAT (common admission test) gave me a heartache in 2003. I had prepared hard for the exam but the paper got leaked (it was for the first time in the history of CAT, as if i would have scored 99.99 percentile if the paper was not cancelled ;) ) I was really DETERMINED to "bell the CAT" ( don't know whether i really wanted to crack the CAT or it was peer influence, i think it was latter) but again CAT delivered the knock out punch.

If i have to go by the history, i should stay away from CATS(be it animal, exam or any damn thing called cat) . Recently, a CAT called Computer Adaptive Testing aka GMAT crossed my path (As per hindu mythology its not a very auspicious sign) and boy, this time i really want to own this CAT.

I will keep you guys updated of my chase.(as of now only Ms S reads my blog :'( , so i shud have written i will keep you updated Ms S)


Juggler said...

Me too, could not bell the very same CAT in 2003, same percentile, same story :-)

Braveheart said...

that was a blessing in disguise for you...Now you are leaps and bound ahead of people who belled the CAT...

You get what you deserve and not what you want...and often we deserve better things {like you deserved H or W}