Sunday, October 3

Can lines be dead?? Deadlines ;)

MBA blogosphere is silent than normal...and it's obvious...people are busy giving finishing touches to their essays...i was out for past many days...first on an excursion with friends..then attended few marriages...and finally was out to attend a high flying official event...

My apps -- more or less i am done..have given my best shot....not bothering about what the results are gonna be...because ultimately we get wat's best for us...and not wat we desire ;) {i know deadlines can make a person philosophical}...

Few observations:

Hyderabad airport -- Male Toilet --> || <---Female Toilet {can a toilet be male or female?? and if they also make love??} we burry lines once they re dead?? {graveyeard for lines ..oops..pathetic...}


KT: Sid i think that's superb..wat do you say?
Sid: You are right...she's legs...and well endowed...
KT: i am talking about that it skoda superb??

At a shop selling petrol bottles

KT: Aunty how much for the bottle
Aunty: 65/litre

KT:Sid .. now here we have something that can become a bomb
Sid: No buddy...she is too old to become a bomb...she hasn't got the potential
KT: I am talking about the petrol bottle

Enuffff......nervousness can often provoke people to fire PJs....

All da best to all the fellow applicants.....2 months from now..we will start getting the matter wat the results are gonna will go ve fun ;)


Prity said...

All the best for ur apps!

One of the Disturbed said...

Good luck with your applications, madam. But remember: college isn't always everything, you know.