Wednesday, July 7

I hate luv storys -- Another chocolate brownie

Due to local elections my office was closed yesterday and i decided to watch the movie "I hate luv storys". As soon as i booked the tickets, my hunch told me to keep an analgesic with me to avoid the headache. Miss S was at her taunting best -- "You are a cold hearted person and wouldn't ever enjoy a romantic movie". The omens were not too good.

I started out late from home and bought "Disprin".

"Can't you speed up? we are going to miss the beginning" Miss S growled louder than my car's engine..

"Sweetie, don't worry they show a lot of ads in the beginning" i consoled her

As soon as i reached the mall, i realized that lifts and escalators were not working :'( .. Miss S and I rushed from basement 2 to 3r floor, trying to catch the movie's begining.

"I am going to the please take the seat" my words bought out strange expressions on Miss S' face....i was still wondering about all these bad omens..

I hate luv storys is another flick in the category of "Love Aaj Kal", "Dil Chahta hai {dch}". {It doesn't match to the standards set by DCH but is based on the same theme}

Another story where a guy doesn't believe in love and is only interested in S**. Then heroine comes into picture and everything turns tipsy topsy.

PLOT: Scriptwriter added 30 gms of DCH, 25 grams of Love Aaj Kal, 2 TBSP of DDLJ and then blended them nicley using KJo blender. Finally the movie was boiled in a Aditya Chopra cooker and Garnished with  Dharma production leaves. Plot has nothing new but narrative is good.

Narrative: The plot has nothing new but the director has narrated this story in a wonderful manner. First half is really good, poking fun at romantic genre films, showing how often people mistake love for liking, revealing the mentality of guys and girls. Second half is a bit slow, direction is fine but editing could have been a lot better..Also i still wonder why don't hero and heroines use mobiles judiciously at the critical moments.. Why can't heroine SMS hero asking him not to board the flight and why in the f*** hero doesn't take imp. calls at the crucial moments??

Music: I burnt the music straight away to play in my car...Vishal and Shekhar have composed very good songs. The title track is jazzy, while sadga kiya, bin tere and bahara are situational, used well in narrative and obviously are ear candies {i don't know if there is a word called ear candy :) } My penchant for this album increased many folds after watching the movie

Casting: Out an out Imran Khan and Sonam Kapoor movie...Sameer Dattani -- Sonam's first choice was pathetic...i really don't understand who took his audition. Sonam Kapoor is looking too good and has played her part to perfection..way to go girl. Imran Khan is an average actor and had Ranbir Kapoor played the lead -- i would have just loved the movie...I don't know the name of actor who played the character of Kunal in the movie...He has got a good comic out for him...

In nutshell, it's another butter chicken served with mouth watering garnishing. And yes i didn't had to use the Disprin....will keep it for some other flick :)

In my last post, i had mentioned that i will review the movie and share some tips to re-ignite passion in relationships. Movie has beautifully shown how often we create rules to lead our lives. These rules take the fizz out of the life. Living a disciplined life is not bad but making your life  a rule book is not a good idea. All the relationships have a spark in the begining but as responsibilities overshadow passion, love life starts taking a back seat. It's important to break rules every now and then to enjoy life. I am not advocating infidelty all i am saying is that you can go home after office and take your partner to a pub and get drunk. Its also kool to pack your bags and make an un-scheduled trip to some place. Key is not to become too predictable and not to get caged by useless rules...."Stop thinking about life...Start living it...Start Feeling it..."


nizamani said...

Well I like your way of story telling.

nizamani said...

Well said my friend, life is not about thinkh but living it.
And second thing I liked about your post was that you are right nowadays all films are coming with same plot like love aj kal, I hate luv s etc.