Monday, March 15

Ross -- Amazing website

For long, i was trying hard to research some of my prospective schools. But i was finding it really hard to explore the schools. Sitting in India, thousands of miles away from schools, i found myself ill-equipped to research the schools. What a fool i was!!  If you have access to internet and a burning desire to explore then you have got everything that you need to find out more about your dream schools.

Let me come back to the school in question - "Ross". Ross has structured its website in an excellent manner. All the information that an aspiring MBA can vouch for is present in a user friendly layout. Even if you have very vague idea about your future career prospects, Ross can help you give a better insight into various career streams. You will have a sound knowledge of curriculum that you will have to take in order to pursue a particular career option. Then you can explore the faculty for each of the subject that you want to opt for.

The detailed employment statistics for past many years speak very highly of Ross. Over 70 student clubs and organizations are there to cater to your interest.

How to structure your career search is another question that Ross' website answers beautifully. The website also gives an amazing insight into the core curriculum and relevance of various elective courses. MAP is highlighted in a big manner on Ross' website. Multidisciplinary Application Program {i hope i have put it down correctly} caught my eye and the experiential learning experience that MAP would provide to any MBA student is awesome.

Also, what all the candidate should highlight in his/her application is also mentioned briefly on the website. Ross is very similar to Kellogg in that it has a very good Marketing and consulting placement. Ross offers a good General Management MBA option and is big time on my radar now.

I don't think that my small haphazard article has done justice to the topic of this post but i would suggest all my fellow bloggers to experience the Ross website themselves -- ITS AMAZING!!!


The Dreamer said...

MAP = multidisciplinary action projects :)
Wat I love about MAP is that it is in addition to the normal summer internship and spans a full semester - very good for career switchers
Ross compliments its traditional importance of general management with a choice of great centers in entrepreneurship (Zell & Lurie center) and sustainability (Erb)and operations ( Tauber)

Braveheart said...

Thanks for correcting me :) ... i guess Ross is one of your fav too...any good news from Ross??

JordyF said...

Your article is not only a nice plug for Ross but a great candid insight for any marketers out there who are trying to configure their MBA/BSchool websites.

To hear what a prospective student really enjoys/dislike out of the site is a tremendous piece of information, and I'll definitely be passing your comments onto my program's marketers.


malvika said...

I am an MBA aspirant, planning on taking GMAT by Aug this year.
stumbled upon your blog while i was searchhing for a virtual mentor of sorts.
i am so glad i did.
thanks for the absolutely amazing posts ,for the past 2 weeks i begin d day wid one post,work, get back home,read another n so on!
thanks again!
hope you do really well in life!

Braveheart said...

Hi malvika..thanks for ur kind words :) .. let me know in case you need any prep material or advise i wud be happy to help..feel free to drop in a mail at my id...
all da very best

malvika said...

wow twas fast.
well will def get in touch.
as of now to begin my prep i m startng wid manhattan ,and princeton to follow.
thanks again.
till next time.

Apoorva said...

Try to connect with Ross students. You will get a much better perspective and inside scoop about Ross. Since you will be applying this fall, now is a good time to start connecting (Remember, the second years will disappear in a months time and the FY's will take off for internships, making it difficult to find someone till end August).

At least that was my approach when I applied and it worked out well in form of an admit :)

Braveheart said...

Hi Apoorva...thanks for the advise :) .. i have a call tomorrow with one of the ross student...and already in touch with 2 other 2nd year students...

can you pls share your e-mail id with me?? my id braveheart4mba(at) ... would surely like to gain some insight into app process,,